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    OG Kush Marijuana is a 55/45 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. The strain is also known as Original Gangster and Ocean Grown. The breeders of this Kush remain unknown. With proper care, OG Kush’s THC levels can reach 20%. This marijuana is potent, and not recommended for beginners. The buds smell of pine, earth and spices. OG Kush Marijuana is good for day and evening time use. You can buy OG Kush Marijuana with amazing quality at Supplier of Cannabis. OG Kush Marijuana for sale online here at your price!

    USES: OG Kush marijuana strain induces:

    •    Strong and long lasting body relaxation
    •    a trance like mind-body melt
    •    Uplifts mood
    •    Stimulates appetite
    •    Relieves stress
    •    pain control


    •    Cotton mouth
    •    Dry eyes
    •    Anxiety

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