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Buy AK-47 Strain Online

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    A blunt weapon of peace, AK-47 is an energetic fusion of four strains transformed by the legendary cultivator – Simon from Serious Seeds. Rapidly dispatching only aggression and physical discomfort, AK-47 provides a dynamically creative high. A perfect strain for those who struggle with late-afternoon fatigue, daily depression or aching joints and muscles, AK-47 works wonders at firing up the creative juices while simultaneously snuffing out physical discomfort. You can buy AK- 47 Strain at online pharmacy- Supplier of Cannabis. AK- 47 Strain for sale online, is available here!
    USES: AK- 47 Strain is an uplifting strain, the initial effect provides an insightful and perceptive moment of relaxation.
    SIDE-EFFECTS: The negative effects are:

    •    Paranoia
    •    Dry mouth
    •    Dizziness

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